Where can I find kafka helm chart with pwx integration?

I’m looking to run a kafka deployment on kubernetes via helm, and wondering if there is one already with pwx integration? Appreciate any help

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @mtrubisky,

To run kafka on kubernetes via helm, please use the helm chart published by confluent. You can find it here: https://github.com/confluentinc/cp-helm-charts

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This helm chart is built such that you don’t need any special massaging to integrate with Portworx.
To use Portworx as the persistent storage for zookeeper and kafka, specify your storageClass names here:
on lines 21 and 51

For more information on dynamic provisioning and storageClasses, refer to: https://docs.portworx.com/portworx-install-with-kubernetes/storage-operations/create-pvcs/dynamic-provisioning/#using-dynamic-provisioning


Thanks @sathya. Appreciate the quick response.
Seems way easier than I’d expected. I’ll give that a try. Thanks again.