Can we resize portworx volume without any restart to the pod?

  1. Does portworx volume resize require also pod restart?
  2. does portworx support thin provisioning ? and what if capacity overlimit?

For (1): no need to restart pods, example is given here: Resize a Portworx PVC
Works for CSI as well.

For (2); yes, doc is here: Control volume provisioning

pxctl cluster options update --provisioning-commit-labels ‘[{“OverCommitPercent”: 200, “SnapReservePercent”: 30}]’
Successfully updated cluster-wide options

You may check if this command worked as expected:

[root@node-1-1 ~]# pxctl cluster options list -j | grep -A 5 ProvisionCommitRule
“ProvisionCommitRule”: [
“OverCommitPercent”: 200,
“SnapReservePercent”: 30,
“LabelSelector”: null