Expand the Total Storage Size

Hello team
I have a question:
As the documentation said about Portworx Essential license:

  1. Number of attached volumes per node maximum is 30
  2. Host storage capacity limits are 1TB per host
  3. Cluster storage capacity limits are 5TB per cluster

So, when I installed Portworx in my Kubernetes cluster, I had 4 worker nodes, and on each one, I had a 100Gi block device attached to them.
So when I installed the Portworx, the sudo pxctl status showed I had 400Gi Total Storage.
I want to expand this size because the docs said I could.
So I added another 100Gi on one of my nodes, and when I executed this command:
sudo pxctl service drive add --drive /dev/vdb --operation start
It exits with this error:
AddDrive failed: Feature upgrade needed. No license for 'NodeCapacityExtension' feature

Why did it say a Feature upgrade is needed?
I don’t hit those 3 limits, so why?
What can I do?

@ali good question. We will make it clear in the docs page that resizing existing storage pool is not supported on the essential license. you may want to provision the bigger drives or provide multiple drives during the first time initialization time itself. so that you can have bigger total size on the essential cluster.

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Hello @sensre,
So, can I delete the Portworx from the Cluster and reinstall it via the same manifests and license I already got from px-central?
Or, after deleting the portworx from the Cluster, should I delete its license from px-central and re-create another license and manifests?
Thank you so much for this project and this generous Essential license.

yes, same spec file would work to re-create the cluster .