Does PX-Motion/PX-DR perform backup using group volume snapshots?


During migration, does PX-Motion take a group backup of the volumes in use by PVCs in the namespace? Since we utilize scale-out databases with data on multiple volumes, I would like to check that a group snapshot is used internally to ensure data consistently, rather then individual volume snapshots.

Same question also for continuous backup for disaster recovery…are group backups used?


pxctl version

Hi @henrychi
Yes PX-Motion will backup the group of volumes in the namespace. You can specify a pre exec rule if you would like to prepare your database, for example if you have cassandra application you can use a pre exec rule like this in your migration.

kind: Rule
 name: px-cassandra-rule
 - podSelector:
     app: cassandra
   - type: command
     value: nodetool flush

The same would apply for taking continuous backups.

Check out this doc it has some examples in details