PX-Backup 2.1.1 and Stork 2.8.2 is now GA

Happy to announce that PX-Backup 2.1.1 and Stork 2.8.2 are now GA.
New Features in PX-Backup 2.1.1

  • Backup of any storage providers: Users can now protect Kubernetes applications running on any storage(Eg., RH ODF, Pure FA,FB CSI etc) with or without PX-Enterprise. PX-Backup will leverage CSI based snapshots(if available) and offload the snapshots to any S3-compliant backup location. This capability enables customers to implement the industry standard ‘3-2-1 Backup rule’ for their K8S workloads.

  • Backup Cloud providers- Users can now backup cloud based K8s applications, running on AWS, GKE, or Azure and offload cloud provider snapshots to user managed cloud targets or any S3-compliant location.

  • Application Portability and Disaster Recovery: Improved application portability allows users to recover or migrate applications between different Kubernetes platforms. This feature also enables users to leverage these recovery workflows between regions within the cloud or across different cloud providers including AWS, GKE, Azure. This feature enables disaster recovery workflows that allow customers to restore data in an alternate cloud or region in the event of a region wide failure.

  • Backup persistent data on files shares: Application owners can now apply protection policies for Cloud based file services, including AWS EFS or any NAS device, like FlashBlade that run containerized applications.

  • Backup and recover data using user roles from PX-Secure: You can now backup or recover data using the native user roles configured in the PX-Secure

You can find more details in the release notes

Improvements in Stork 2.8.2

  • Enhancements to support backup/recovery workflows to support PX-Backup 2.1.1