First time portworx install - Error registering CRD's for StorageCluster controller

Hi everyone, I’m trying to install portworx 2.8 as operator on a 3-node K8S cluster (running 1.22.1), but after applying kubectl apply -f '' the pod doesn’t come up and the logs are below

Does this suggest that some other software dependencies are not met? What else could I be missing?

kubectl logs portworx-operator-fdcbd8688-xcpd4 -n kube-system
WARNING: Package “” is deprecated.
A future release of golang/protobuf will delete this package,
which has long been excluded from the compatibility promise.

time=“04-09-2021 02:54:52” level=info msg=“Starting openstorage operator version 1.5.0-01f2b0b” file=“operator.go:83”
time=“04-09-2021 02:54:52” level=info msg=“Registering components” file=“operator.go:102”
time=“04-09-2021 02:54:52” level=fatal msg=“Error registering CRD’s for StorageCluster controller: the server could not find the requested resource” file=“operator.go:112”

For Kubernetes 1.22+, please use Portworx version 2.9 or later.