Portworx Operator 1.8.0 is now GA!

We are pleased to announce that Portworx Operator 1.8.0 is now GA. Please see the major improvements and bug fixes below:

  • Daemonset to operator migration is now “Beta” feature. - Allows customers who have installed Portworx using Daemonset to migrate to Operator.


  • Added support for passing custom labels to Portworx API service from StorageCluster.
  • Operator now enables the Autopilot component to communicate securely using tokens when PX-Security is enabled in the Portworx cluster.
  • Added field preserveFullCustomImageRegistry in StorageCluster spec to preserve full image path when using custom image registry.
  • Operator now retrieves the version manifest through proxy if PX_HTTP_PROXY is configured.
  • Stork, Stork scheduler, CSI, and PVC controller pods are now deployed with topologySpreadConstraints to distribute pod replicas across Kubernetes failure domains.
  • Added support for installing health monitoring sidecars from StorageCluster.
  • Added support for installing snapshot controller and CRD from StorageCluster.
  • The feature gate for CSI is now deprecated and replaced by setting spec.csi.enabled in StorageCluster.
  • Added support to enable hostPID to Portworx pods using the annotation portworx.io/host-pid="true" in StorageCluster.
  • Operator now sets fsGroupPolicy in the CSIDriver object to File . Previously it was not set explicitly, and the default value was ReadWriteOnceWithFsType .
  • Added skip-resource annotation to PX-Security Kubernetes secrets to skip backing them to the cloud.
  • Operator now sets the dnsPolicy of Portworx pod to ClusterFirstWithHostNet by default.
  • When using Cloud Storage, Operator validates that the node groups in StorageCluster use only one common label selector key across all node groups. It also validates that the value matches spec.cloudStorage.nodePoolLabel if a is present. If the value is not present, it automatically populates it with the value of the common label selector.

Full release notes are available here