Portworx Operator 1.6.0 is now GA!

We are pleased to announce that Portworx Operator 1.6.0 is now GA. Please see the list of improvements below:

  • Added support for managing Prometheus AlertManager.
  • The Operator now pauses Portworx upgrades if an OpenShift upgrade is ongoing or has been newly started.
  • Support to assign CPU and memory resource requests to Portworx pods.
  • Introduced a separate Kubernetes service for internal KVDB pods so its metrics can be pulled from just the internal KVDB nodes.
  • Remove privileged permissions from CSI pods.
  • kubectl explain can now be used to describe the schema of StorageCluster and StorageNode objects just like all other Kubernetes objects.
  • Discontinued serving v1alpha1 API versions of StorageCluster and StorageNode CRDs. Only the v1 version will be served for the Portworx Operator CRDs.

Full release notes are available here: Release Portworx Enterprise Operator 1.6.0 · libopenstorage/operator · GitHub