How to resize an existing disk in Portworx

To resize an existing disk in Portworx follow the steps below:

  1. Put the PX node where the disk you want to resize is located on maintenance

    pxctl service maintenance -e

  2. Resize the disk

  3. Resize the pool where disk is located, for example if disk is in pool 0 you can run:

    pxctl service pool update 0 --resize

  4. Wait for pool update to complete and then remove PX from maintenance:

    pxctl service maintenance -x

Please note that if pool has more than one disk you need to resize all of them to same size, otherwise pool resize will not work.
For example if pool 0 has two disks with 50 GB each, you need to resize both for the same new size, let’s say 100 GB before running the pool update command.

Hi Alex…question, in case the PX Cluster provides storage to a K8s Cluster with many pools, are there any issues if every pool has a different size? for example,
pool A, storage disks 200GB
pool b, storage disks 500GB
pool C, storage disks 1500GB

Every pool will handle a different application, so. It would be waste space/money assigning the same size to all storage disks, but I just wanna resolve my doubt.

@Gerardo_Hernandez for storage disks with same size and type (ssd, nvme, etc.) Portworx will combine them in a single pool. But if you have storage disks with different sizes as you mentioned above then Portworx will create multiple pools. This is not a problem at all, it will depend on your specific scenario.

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