How to resize an existing disk in Portworx

To resize an existing disk in Portworx follow the steps below:

  1. Put the PX node where the disk you want to resize is located on maintenance

    pxctl service maintenance -e

  2. Resize the disk

  3. Resize the pool where disk is located, for example if disk is in pool 0 you can run:

    pxctl service pool update 0 --resize

  4. Wait for pool update to complete and then remove PX from maintenance:

    pxctl service maintenance -x

Please note that if pool has more than one disk you need to resize all of them to same size, otherwise pool resize will not work.
For example if pool 0 has two disks with 50 GB each, you need to resize both for the same new size, let’s say 100 GB before running the pool update command.