Install does not work. "Failed to load PX filesystem" (Debian 10 on EC2 instances)

Hi, here is what sudo pxctl status returns:

Last status: Failed to load PX filesystem dependencies for kernel 4.19.0-9-cloud-amd64

It occurs on Debian 10, in EC2 instances (t3a.xlarge or t2.xlarge)

Here is the complete install script I run:

REL="/2.6" # Portworx v2.6 release

latest_stable=$(curl -fsSL "$REL/?type=dock&stork=false&aut=false" | awk '/image: / {print $2}')

sudo docker run --entrypoint / \
    --rm -i --privileged=true \
    -v /opt/pwx:/opt/pwx -v /etc/pwx:/etc/pwx \

sudo /opt/pwx/bin/px-runc install -c dnm -b -s /dev/nvme1n1

sudo systemctl daemon-reload
sudo systemctl enable portworx
sudo systemctl start portworx

Even to bootstrap your cluster you need to pass the -k argument required and mentioned below.

sudo /opt/pwx/bin/px-runc install -c MY_CLUSTER_ID \
    -k etcd:// \
    -s /dev/xvdb -s /dev/xvdc

Were you able to install with -k argument ?

I abandoned the install, but will retry it soon. Will tell you that