Licensing issue with Portworx CSI/Flasharray

Hi. I’m working through getting Portworx installed on our Rancher Kubernetes cluster, and I succeeded in getting the cluster up and running. We have a network interface dedicated for iscsi traffic and a separate one that should be able to reach the management network. The cluster installed fine and the storage volumes were created on our Pure Flasharray, so that seems ok.

However, when trying to create a PVC, nothing happens, and I noticed in pxctl status that the license is ‘expired’. Portworx CSI for FA/FB ERROR: License is expired, Unreachable/Invalid Pure FA/FB endpoint or token

I’m guessing now that it’s not able to reach the management interface anymore? I really don’t know what’s up, especially since it’s able to find all of the storage endpoints ok.

Does anyone have any advice for this one?


Looks like we may have hit the bug listed in the 3.0.1 release notes: Portworx Enterprise Release Notes | Portworx Documentation

I’m going to keep an eye on it, but I’m not getting license errors right now and we definitely have a newer purity version.