Licensing Portworx

Do the portworx license nodes count on the OpenShift Master and infrastructure nodes? thank you.

The short answer is that master nodes are only licensed if the Portworx software is deployed there - typically we do not see most customers deploying Portworx on the master nodes (since users don’t typically run any workloads on master nodes) - the only exception is if there is a workload anticipated to be ran there (such as the case of an OpenShift registry) that wants to use a Portworx volume (so IBM CPDS (cloudpak4data systems)) are set up in this configuration.

The longer/fuller answer is what constitutes a node for licensing is any host that runs Portworx either with attached storage (so regular storage for hyper-converged mode) or storage-less nodes (since Portworx is still running and providing value by permitting workloads with persistent volume backed by Portworx to run).