Portworx 2.10.1 on OKD 4.8: csi-external-health-monitor keeps restarting


I currently have an issue with portworx 2.10.1,

when upgrading the storagecluster from to 2.10.1 the container px-csi-ext gains an additional container csi-external-health-monitor. This container keeps restarting.

The container does not provide any logging as to what is causing the restart which is why i suspect it tried to connect through the csi.sock and then has a timeout.

All the containers of the px-csi-ext pod are logging:
W0511 14:19:44.709667 1 connection.go:173] Still connecting to unix:///csi/csi.sock

What might be related is that OKD 4.8 uses CSI v1.3. i’ve found conflicting sources, external-health-monitor-controller - Kubernetes CSI Developer Documentation mentions a minimum of CSI v1.4 where as the repo itself says its backwards compatible to v1.3.

Any help would be appreciated,