Portworx Enterprise 2.9.1 is now GA

UPDATE: Portworx Enterprise has been released to address a bug that was discovered in 2.9.1. Please upgrade to if you have already installed 2.9.1. New installs will be automatically directed to

Portworx Enterprise 2.9.1 is now GA. We are proud to announce that with this release, Portworx integration with Flasharray and Flashblade is GA!


Portworx has upgraded or enhanced functionality in the following areas:

Improvement Number Improvement Description
PWX-22105 Portworx now supports PKS distributions based on “containerd” container runtimes.
PWX-21721 The pxctl status command’s response time is now reduced when telemetry is enabled. This was done by running telemetry status asynchronously and caching its status.
PWX-20642 Portworx no longer requires global permissions on all datastores. Users can now specify which datastores to give Portworx access to.
PWX-22195 Improved Portworx logs by adding a co-relation ID to every API request and will be logged at all levels.

The release notes (includes improvements, fixes and release notes) are updated here.

Pure Storage strongly recommends users of the 2.9.1 release upgrade to Portworx Release Notes