Portworx Enterprise 2.5.5

Portworx Enterprise 2.5.5 is now GA. See release notes here


Portworx has upgraded or enhanced functionality in the following areas:

Improvement Number Improvement Description
PWX-14102 You can now export a sharedV4 volume outside of a Portworx cluster using specific IP addresses.
PWX-12151 You can now add labels to a sharedv4 volume so that the remote mount/client uses NFSv4. For more information, refer to the Updating volumes using pxctl article.


The following issues have been fixed:

Issue Number Issue Description
PWX-14333 When both the multipathd device and the backing device contain the KVDB volume label, Portworx sometimes mistakenly picked up the backing device and failed to mount it. User impact: Portworx failed to come up on the nodes where internal KVDB was running. Resolution: Portworx now chooses the multipathd device when both multipathd and the backing device contain the KVDB volume label.
PWX-14399 A bug introduced in Portworx version 2.5.0, broke the documented procedure to perform a KVDB recovery from dump files. User Impact: Users had to manually update the config maps and change the labels on the disk to perform the recovery. Resolution: You can now recover your KVDB from dump files with a single command using the documented procedure.
PWX-14164 Prior to this version, the pxctl cloudsnap list -a command sometimes failed to return all cloudsnaps in an objectstore. Resolution: Portworx now returns all cloudsnaps in an objectstore.
PWX-14160 The Portworx SDK did not return disks and pools in the response. User impact: Users of the Portworx SDK or pxctl -j cluster list would see empty Disks and Pools fields in the response. Resolution: The Portworx SDK handler now populates these 2 missing fields.
PWX-14648 Portworx did not honor the storage class parameter export_options during volume creation. User impact: any export options provided to the storage class were not included when the storage class was used. Resolution: Parse export_options when they are set as storage class parameters.