Portworx Enterprise 2.11.0 is now GA!

We are very pleased to announce that 2.11.0 is now GA . This release includes several new features and improvements as well as key bug fixes. Here is the list of key features and improvements:

New features

  • On-premises users who want to use Pure Storage FlashArray with Portworx on Kubernetes can provision and attach FlashArray LUNs as a Direct Access volume.
  • The CSI topology feature allows users of FlashArray Direct Access volumes and FlashBlade Direct Access filesystems to direct their applications to provision storage on a FlashArray Direct Access volume or FlashBlade Direct Access filesystem that is in the same set of Kubernetes nodes where the application pod is located.
  • You can now use Portworx with IBM cloud drives on VPC Gen2 infrastructure. Portworx will use the IBM CSI provider to automatically provision and manage its own storage disks.
  • You can enable pay-as-you-go billing for an air-gapped cluster with no outbound connectivity by acquiring a pay-as-you-go account key from Portworx. This key can be used on any cluster to activate the license, provided you can report usage collected by the metering module.
  • You can now deploy Portworx in IPv6 networking enabled environments.


Portworx has upgraded or enhanced functionality in the following areas:

Improvement Number Improvement Description
PWX-24195 Portworx supports using BackupLocation CR with IAM policy as an AWS s3 target for cloudsnaps triggered through Stork using ApplicationBackup CR. When Portworx detects that a BackupLocation is provided as a target, it uses the IAM role of the instance, where it is running, for authentication with s3.
PWX-23392 Updated the Portworx CSI driver to CSI 1.6 spec.
PWX-23326 Updated CSI Provisioner, Snapshotter, Snapshot Controller, Node Driver Registrar, and Volume Health controller to the latest releases.
PWX-24188 A warning log is removed, which was printed when Docker inquired about a volume name that Portworx could not find.
PWX-23103 Added a detailed warning message for volume provision issues when there are conflicting volumes in the trashcan. Volume provisioning with volume placement rules can be blocked by matching volumes in the trashcan. The new warning message informs you which trashcan volumes are causing a conflict.
PWX-22045 Portworx now starts faster on high-scale clusters. During the Portworx start-up process, you will see a reduction in API calls to cloud providers. In particular, AWS API calls related to EBS volumes will be reduced.
PWX-20012 Enabled support for pd-balanced disk type on Google Cloud environment. You can now specify pd-balanced as one of the disk types (such as, type=pd-balanced, size=700) in the device spec file.
PWX-24054 pxctl service pool delete --help command is enhanced to show Note and Example in addition to usage information. For example,
Note: This operation is supported only on on-prem local disks and AWS cloud-drive
Examples: pxctl service pool delete [flags] poolID
PWX-23196 You can now configure the number of retries for an error from the object store. Each of these retries involves a 10-second backoff delay, followed by progressively longer delays (incrementing by 10-second intervals) between each attempt. If the object store has multiple IP addresses as the endpoints, then for a given request, the retries are done on each of these endpoints.
PWX-23408 Added support to migrate PSO volumes into Portworx through the PSO2PX migration tool.
PWX-24332 The Portworx diags bundle now includes the output of the pxctl clouddrive list command when available.
PWX-23523 CSI volume provisioning is now distributed across all Portworx nodes in a cluster providing higher performance for burst CSI volume provisioning.
PWX-22993 Portworx can now be activated in PAYG (pay-as-you-go)/SAAS mode using the command pxctl license activate saas --key <pay_key>.
PWX-23172 Added support for cgroups-v2 host configurations, running with docker and cri-o container runtimes.
PWX-23576 Renamed the PX-Essentials FA/FB license SKU to Portworx CSI for FA/FB SKU.
PWX-23678 Added support for px-els (Portworx Embedded License Server) to install and operate in IPv6 network configurations.
PWX-23179 Provides a way to do an in-place restore from a SkinnySnap. Now you can create a clone from a SkinnySnap and use the clone to restore the parent volume.

Full release notes are here. Please check the K8s compatibility matrix and OS/Kernel pre-requisites prior to upgrading.