Portworx Operator 1.9.0 is now GA!

We just released Operator 1.9.0

In this release we have pushed our Daemonset to Operator migration even further by:


  • Performing a dry-run of the migration, which will indicate what will change on the cluster
  • We added migration to the operator to our portworx HELM chart (EKS is currently the only verified cloud, we’re working on verifying the others)
  • Support for onDelete migrations (This is to speed up migrating larger clusters)
  • We added support for various configurations to the HELM chart that were previously missing like internal KVDB and Service Type
  • We added the ability to enable pprof to get profiling information for Memory and CPU for the Operator container
  • We now create example CSI storage classes
  • And finally we now enable the CSI snapshot controller by default on Kubernetes 1.17 and newer

Bug fixes
Addressed a bugfix where KVDB pods were repeatedly created when a pod was in the evicted or outOfPod status.