Portworx Support Policy Update

To our valued customers,

The Cloud Native vendor ecosystem and technology landscape is evolving every day. One of the consistent challenges we hear from our customer base is the ability to effectively plan, implement, and upgrade Portworx software in this evolving ecosystem. New feature releases, bug fixes, critical security vulnerabilities, technology advisories, and kernel distributions are a few examples of the complexities of managing your environment and ensuring the highest level of performance, quality, and operational service.

To help address the challenge, we are excited to introduce a new software support lifecycle policy for Portworx Enterprise. The goal is to reduce the burden of managing environment complexity and provide transparent and proactive guidelines to maintain and upgrade your Portworx software. The policy outlines our supported software versions, the expected timeline of support for each version, and how we intend to incorporate technology changes into our product release phases.

Please take a minute to review the policy here. If you are currently running Portworx Enterprise 2.12 or older, you will need to take steps to upgrade to a more recent release of software. We understand planning and implementing this change may take time and request you perform the upgrade within the next six (6) months. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help.

Support Policy

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Thank you,

Your Portworx Team