Proxy support to connect to License server

I’ve installed Portworx essentials, but it looks like it’s not using the proxy env settings configured in the spec file. I’m getting the following alert:
Unable to register cluster: Cannot reach Billing endpoint: Cannot reach TCP endpoint pxessentials. portworx .com: http in timeout 5, Err: dial tcp 18.211. 233. 187:80 : i/o timeout

The following env vars are set in the spec hash:

Also, out proxy replaces the ssl cert so the portworx pods will need to be able to trust our internal CA.

Is it possible to install Portworx behind a proxy and specify a ca to trust?

Hi @fherbert … Thanks for reaching out. While using HA-Proxy PX-Essential may fail to register with PX-Central which may lead to license not getting renewed on time when the lease expires.
This issue is being tracked and will be fixed in future release.

Hi @Luay_Alem, we don’t use ha-proxy for our corporate proxy. In this instance we use zscaler for our proxy.
I presume whatever proxy we use, Portworx Essentials won’t work for us, back to looking at OCS then. Is this also the case with Portworx Enterprise (won’t work when access to the internet is only available via a proxy server)?

With Portworx Enterprise you won’t face this problem. PX-Enterprise does not need access to internet or PX-Central.

Btw we are planning to add support for refreshing PX-Essentials license when it is running behind a proxy in an upcoming version of Portworx.

This has been added to the newest Portworx release 2.5.2