UserID/PX-Central endpoint is incorrect

Just installed Portworx Essentials in OCI containers for use with Docker Swarm. No kubernetes whatsoever.

Error is:

Status: PX is operational
Telemetry: Disabled or Unhealthy
Metering: Disabled or Unhealthy
License: PX-Essential (ERROR: License is expired, UserID/PX-Central endpoint is incorrect)
Node ID: a3e745c9-070f-4387-81dc-5057d98deb4b

I cannot find where to set my UserID from PX-Central, or what my licenseserver should be.

I have a PX-Central account, and I’ve validated no registered clusters. Documentation makes it seem this is all automatic, which it is clearly not.

Also just to make sure I can reach pxessentials from my container I ran:

root@server1:~# runc exec -t portworx curl
{"status":"pong","message":"PX-OSB is UP and running"}


@Bryan_Bueter Docker Swarm is not supported for PX-Essential, Only Kubernetes is supported