PDS 122 is now GA

It is great to announce the latest PDS release, 122. With 122 customers can now increase the size of their service’s volume and better understand the status of their deployments (specifically, large deployments). You can find out more on the links below, but a quick summary of what has been released:

  • Increase Volume Storage Size - For DBAs and Developers they can now utilize the control plane to increase volume size for an existing data service deployment.
  • Better Visibility Into Status for Large Deployments - For large deployments that may take longer to become fully available there are now statuses to provide better visibility into the status of the deployment tied to the state of the infrastructure.
  • Data Service Updates - Updated Elastic to support


  • To take advantage of these features please ensure your Helm chart version is 1.22.0 or newer.
  • If you have automation that utilizes the status returned as part of a deployment or upgrade please ensure you update these scripts with the new status of “Partially Available”

Useful Links: