Portworx Operator 23.3.0 is now GA!

We are very excited to announce that Portworx Operator 2.23.0 is now GA


  • Starting with 23.3.0, the naming scheme for Operator releases has changed. Release numbers are now based on the year and month of the release.
  • You need to upgrade to Operator 23.3.0 to avoid imagePullError after April 3rd due to changes in the Kubernetes registry path. Kubernetes is freezing gcr.k8s.io and moving to registry.k8s.io repository on 3rd of April. For more information, see the Kubernetes blog.

New features

  • Enabled Pure1 telemetry by default for all clusters when you generate a spec from px-central. However, for air-gapped clusters or when the PX_HTTPS_PROXY variable is configured, telemetry must be explicitly disabled during spec generation.

    • During an upgrade to Portworx Operator 23,3.0, telemetry will be enabled by default unless telemetry is disabled in the StorageCluster spec or when the PX_HTTPS_PROXY variable is configured.
  • Added the following new fields to the StorageCluster spec for configuring Prometheus:

    • spec.Monitoring.Prometheus.Resources: Provides the ability to configure Prometheus resource usage, such as memory and CPU usage. If the resources field is not configured, default limits will be set to CPU 1, memory 800M, and ephemeral storage 5G.
    • spec.Monitoring.Prometheus.securityContext.runAsNonRootin: Provides the ability to configure the Prometheus service type, and the default value is set to true.
  • Added a new environment variable KUBELET_DIR. This variable can be used to specify a custom kubelet directory path.

  • Added an annotation portworx.io/scc-priority to the StorageCluster spec for configuring the priority of Portworx security context constraints (SCC).


  • When upgrading to Operator version 23.3.0, all CSI sidecar images will be updated to the latest versions.
  • Operator will now update Prometheus and Alertmanager CRDs.


  • During the Operator upgrade, the old telemetry registration pod were not being deleted.
    Resolution: Changed the update deployment strategy of px-telemetry-registration to Recreate. Now the old pods will be deleted before the new ones are created.

  • The prometheus-px-prometheus pods were not being created in OpenShift due to failed SCC validation.
    Resolution: This issue has been fixed.

  • Upgrading OpenShift from version 4.11.x to 4.12.3 was failing for the Portworx cluster.
    Resolution: Changed Portworx SCC default priority to nil.

  • If the kubelet path was not set to the default path, the CSI driver would fail to start, and the PVC could not be provisioned.
    Resolution: Now the KUBELET_DIR environment variable can be used to specify a custom path for the CSI driver.

Full release notes are available here