PX-Backup 2.6 is now GA

PX-Backup 2.6 includes several big features and fixes, including:

  1. Support for Kubevirt VMs: Customers can now protect applications running on Kubevirt VMs and containers through a single unified plane. Kubevirt VMs can be backed up and restored with just a few simple clicks and support all of the other PX Backup capabilities such as Object+NFS backup locations, object locked buckets and more.
  2. Advanced Admin RBAC: Enterprise customers enabling developer self service for application protection can now also seamlessly take control of backups and clusters left behind by users who leave their projects or organisations. This ensures admin control over meeting backup compliance requirements while still enabling self service models.

A new blog on protecting Kubevirt VMs is here: Protect KubeVirt virtual machines using Portworx Backup | Portworx
Please see the PX-Backup 2.6 Release notes and docs here:
Documentation landing page: Portworx Backup Documentation | Portworx Documentation
Release Notes: Release notes | Portworx Documentation