Portworx Operator 1.10 is now GA!

We are very excited to announce that Portworx Operator 1.10 is now GA.

IMPORTANT: To enable telemetry for DaemonSet-based Portworx installations, you must migrate to an Operator-based installation, then upgrade to Portworx version 2.12 before enabling Pure1 integration. For more details, see this document.


  • Pure1 integration has been re-architected to be more robust and use less memory. It is supported on Portworx version 2.12 clusters deployed with Operator version 1.10.

  • To reduce memory usage, added a new argument disable-cache-for to disable Kubernetes objects from controller runtime cache. For example,--disable-cache-for="Event,ConfigMap,Pod,PersistentVolume,PersistentVolumeClaim".

  • Operator now blocks Portworx installation if Portworx is uninstalled without a wipe and then reinstalled with a different name.

  • For a new installation, Operator now sets the max number of storage nodes per zone, so that the 3 storage nodes in the entire cluster are uniformly spread across zones.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where DaemonSet migration was failing if the Portworx cluster ID was too long.