Pure_file not supported during CSI snapshot via direct access to flashblade

Snapshots with direct access to a FlashBlade is suppose to work according to the info on the page referenced below. When I attempt to take a snapshot I get the follow error: Failed to check and update snapshot content: failed to take snapshot of the volume 400730710227222533: “rpc error: code = Aborted desc = Failed to create snapshot: rpc error: code = Internal desc = Failed to create snapshot: snapshot feature is not supported for pure_file volumes”

" INFO For FlashArray and FlashBlade Direct Access volumes, use the CSI snapshot method"

Sourced from this page

Docs I used to setup the direct access storage provider. Notice the backend is pure_file.
link - Configure Pure Storage FlashBlade as a Direct Access filesystem | Portworx Documentation

I’m reading that it’s supported in the docs, but I getting an error saying it’s not supported. Maybe I’m missing something obvious. Could use some help. Thanks!

To follow up for anyone else that has ran into this. I asked my Pure sales team and they reported back that the Portworx CSI driver does not support making snapshots against a flashblade using direct access. We will be using the NFS subdir storage driver instead of Portworx.

We still want to take advantage of the Pure Flashblade snapshot capability, so we will work around it outside of Kubernetes using the Pure Flashblade scheduled snapshots and a tool like Kopia for backups to our MinIO object store