PX-Backup 1.2.0, Stork 2.6.0 are now GA!

PX-Backup 1.2.0 is now GA. With this release, there are three major features that are added:

  • Introducing usage-based pricing for remote cluster nodes.
  • PX-Backup now supports generic CSI driver backup and restore.
  • Introducing cluster-level aggregated metrics for backup and restore with Prometheus metrics and Grafana dashboards

Full release notes and documentation is here.
With the CSI support - PX-Backup can now backup/restore Kubernetes applications running onany CSI supported backend storage provider and has been tested with Pure Storage PSO CSI Driver alongside others. More information on this can be found here.

Stork 2.6.0 is also GA alongside PX-Backup 1.2.0.