PX-Backup 1.1.0, Stork 2.5.0 are now GA

PX-Backup 1.1.0 is now GA. This is a major update to PX-Backup 1.0.0 released in May.
This release has a number of features and enhancements. Here are some major features:

  • New PX-Backup Dashboard - Provides visibility into apps protected, amount of data backed up, policies enforced at multi-cluster and individual cluster level
  • Resource level Backups - Allows granular backup operations by resource type and also at individual resource level
  • Selective Restores - Users can now restore selectively specific resource types or resources from any selected backup.
  • Default Backup policies - Admins can now include wildcards that will allow any newly created namespace to be added by default to a backup schedule without requiring policy update
  • Sharing of default cloud account and backup location between admin and users
  • Additional metrics for backups including size of backups per PVC, namespace and cluster

Detailed release notes are here

Stork 2.5.0 has also been released as it drives some of the PX-Backup features as well as several enhancements to Kubemotion UX. Stork release notes are here.