PX-Backup 2.0.0 and Stork 2.6.4 is now GA

PX-Backup 2.0.0 and Stork 2.6.4 are now GA. These releases are important milestones that take the product to the next level in terms of security, scalability and ease of use.
New Features in PX-Backup 2.0.0

  • PX-Backup Security: This enables Role Based access control allowing customers to manage user permissions at a granular level. It also allows resource owners to share resources like backup locations, schedules, application rules etc to collaborators.
  • move to MongoDB : MongoDB replaces etcd as the backend datastore which will allow us to scale to several 1000s of objects. Switching to mongo has significantly improved the UI performance and provides a very smooth experience to users with minimal load times
  • Backup Timeline : Users can now get an at-a-glance dashboard view of the Backup activity. It allows users to quickly filter and view their backup on an hourly basis or get a daily summary of the last 30 day.
  • Application Grouping: This new namespace level grouping optimizes the backup setup process. It simplifies the number of steps needed to configure a backup, while still maintaining individual resource level granularity
  • Step-by-step Onboarding: This new getting started experience allows users to get onboarded easily by walking them through the initial configuration process.

You can find more details in the release notes

Improvements in Stork 2.6.4

  • Improvements around Migrations and ClusterPairing
  • Support for doing custom resource selection per namespace when backing up multiple namespaces
  • Multiple customer requests and bug fixes
    You can find more details in the release notes

Note: PX Backup 2.0.0 requires clusters to run Stork 2.6.4 in order to leverage customer resources backup.